Our proven recruitment model will help you find your next staff member without spending 15% - 25% per hire.

Simplified Recruitment Solutions offers a proven, cost effective approach to hiring star candidates - from job advertisements and placement, to finalising job contracts.


Leave an impressive job ad impression

We’ll create and post the job ad to attract the right talent on multiple job sites.

Stop wasting time on resumes and interviews

Our team will review all applications and shortlist candidates so you only need to interview people with the highest suitability.

Only interview the best

We rigorously screen candidates via video interviews and send footage to you for consideration.

Reliable reference checks

Sometimes people look great on paper, but fall short when it comes to a cultural workplace match. We reference check candidates to make sure your chosen candidate is a good fit for your business.

Hit the ground running

With contracts and key payroll documentation completed upfront by our team, you and your new employee can get started sooner.

Simplified Recruitment Solutions is not a traditional recruitment agency and we do not charge a commission based on the wage or salary package.

All costs are charged as a  flat fee - if we don’t find you a match, we’ll support you until you do!

We can also put together a customised package should your business require multiple hires.

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